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    During a litter pick earlier today, our very own 'Handy' Hilary Curran along with her friend and BMHA group member Wendy Francis, local resident Janet Hesford and Hilary's nephew Harry, came across three distinctive bright red Royal Mail bags hidden in the undergrowth close to where the busses turn at the top end of Mossfield Road in Swinton.

    Hilary, a moderator on our Salford Nature group, is well known for getting stuck in and getting her hands dirty to clean up the cities beauty spots.

    She also runs her own I Love Buile Hill Park group on Facebook which was set up for people to share memories and photos of the park.


    Hilary said:



    "Wendy Francis (BHMA) my Nephew Harry and I decided to do a short litter pick today in an area we knew was attracting more and more fly tipping.

    "I'd had a nosey a couple of weeks before and we planned to tackle it as soon as we could.

    "We put a shout out for help on All Litter Heroes and Janet, a local lady kindly answered the call with her litter picker.

    "We were pretty surprised to find 3 Royal Mail Postie bags full of mail in the undergrowth.

    "It was pretty sad to find them to as there were personal things in the bags like valentines cards, someone's mail order specs and even some new boots.

    "Fingers crossed everything in the bags will finally get to its intended destination. We're going to get in touch with Royal mail and go from there.

    "I blummin love the litter picking movement that's sweeping over Salford right now, how amazing is our community?"



    The mail which looks to have been stolen and ditched at some point before valentines day earlier this year, has addresses primarily from around the Walkden area.

    One of the trinkets found has the letters R&H surrounded by a love-heart with the date 08/03/20 inscribed upon it. 

    Are you the mysterious R or H? If So then please get in touch.

    A secretive valentines card has the words 'Bee My Valentine' written on it followed by a '?', obviously meant for someone with a secret admirer perhaps?

    Other items included prescription specs and women's boots.

    Hilary said it is 'Sad that these people did not get their post and that she would like to see it delivered or returned to sender'.


    The pair are now going to 'deliver' the mail back to the Royal Mail in the hope that they can redeliver it to the intended recipients.

    Unfortunately, it seems that some of the mail has been damaged by the elements , whilst other letters seem to have been ripped open by what is assumed the thief as they riffled through envelopes looking for money and valuables.

    The pair say that they would like to see the items and trinkets found amongst the mail find their way to those they rightfully belong too.

    We will keep you 'Posted', on any developments.


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