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A man from Little Hulton who watched a video of another man raping a baby and then encouraging him to abuse the child again, has been found guilty at Manchester Crown Court today.

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Damen Scott aged 34-years-old of Ashawe Terrace, Little Hulton, was today found guilty on five counts of distributing indecent images of children, two counts of encouraging or assisting the commission of an indictable offence as well as three counts of making an indecent image of a child.

A jury took just 90 minutes to consider their verdicts on all 10 of the counts he had been charged with, before unanimously finding him guilty of all of the offences after hearing the overwhelming evidence against him.

Scott had been traced via the IP address of his computer by police officers investigating a country wide paedophile network. At his trial, Scott laid blame upon another man that he had met via the Tinder dating app, they had engaged in a short relationship, during which time Scott claimed the man had access to his internet connection during visits to his home on 2 consecutive weekends, however, it was soon discovered that he had been both sharing and receiving indecent images of young children with others.

Police initially discovered Scott to be in possession of over 1,500 sick images of children which were stored on a tablet computer, however, they later discovered a further 3,300 explicit images of children ages 9 months to 15 years-old stored on his mobile phone when he was later arrested once more, a few months later.

Scott had struck up an online friendship with a man from the West Midlands who had shared a sickening video of himself raping a baby. Upon seeing the video, Scott send messages encouraging the man to commit and film further acts of rape against the child. The man who was featured on the video had already served a 24 year sentence following a separate case.

The judge remanded him back into custody and deferred sentencing until November in order to consider if he should be given a life sentence.

In summing up, Judge Anthony Cross QC said that he needed more information before making a final decision on Scotts ultimate punishment.

Due to the harrowing and sickening nature of the case, he also understandably dismissed jurors from having to undertake further jury duty in the future.

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