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Updated 14:02|Roads now reopened.

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Updated 00:44|Capture.JPG

Manchester Fire services confirm the fire is now under control, they will not no the cause till later this morning so we will do further updates then.

Updated 00:30 |

Updated 00:20 | Several appliances are now starting to leave the scene as the blaze seems to be being brought under control and they are no longer needed.

Updated 00:04 |  Capture.JPG

Updated 23:58 | 2 more engines have turned up to tackle the blaze, local sources say damage is considerable. Still no news of any casualties so with luck it will stay that way.

Updated 23:30 | Two engines have arrived to assist with ladders, no news on casualties as yet, hopefully it will stay that way. Members of the congregation have started to gather outside the church to join Church Elders and Leaders in prayer as the firefighters try to bring the blaze under control as soon as possible. Memorial Road currently closed.

Firefighters from several stations have been drafted in to tackle a large fire at a church on Memorial Road in Walkden.

Crews currently at a church on fire in Stanley Road in Walkden. Pumps from Agecroft, Eccles, Farnworth, Atherton and Leigh in attendance.



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      A 17-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of an arson attack with intent to endanger lives after a fire was started at a property on Tenby Street in Irlams o' th' Height on New Years Day.
      At around 12:15pm on Wednesday 1st Jan 2020, three fire engines were sent to tackle a fire which had spread through the ground floor of a property.
      Fortunately there were no serious injuries but a woman from the property was treated for smoke inhalation. 
      A Greater Manchester Police Spokesperson said:
      Meanwhile a spokesperson for GMFS said:
      The teenager remains in custody for further questioning after Greater Manchester Fire Service investigators determined the ignition of the fire to have been deliberately started.
      Police are calling upon anyone with information which could help their investigations to contact police on 0161 856 5049 quoting 2513 1/1/20. Alternatively, the independent charity – Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111.
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      It has been over one year since the heartbreaking scenes of devastation hit the news after a fire tore through a building wrapped in the same combustible cladding as used on many Salford residential tower blocks.
      A resident of one of those blocks wrote into postbag to tell of his anger and upset at what he views as a lack of action by Salford City Council and Pendleton Together.
      I am one of many residents who live in one of the Pendleton Tower Blocks that have similar cladding and insulation to the Grenfell Tower Block.
      Shortly after the Grenfell Tower Fire, the Salford Mayor Paul Dennett announced to the media that all cladding from their nine blocks would be tested and if the tests failed it would be removed. In a later press release, it was revealed he was borrowing £25 million to replace the cladding.
      Now over a year on from Grenfell, what has happened to the Nine Tower Blocks owned by Salford City Council and run by Pendleton Together?
      1) Fire Marshals were put in the Nine Blocks to patrol 24/7. However, we have recently found out that the so-called Fire Marshals have only just recently had training for doing this job. What training we don’t know.
      2) Salford City Council/Pendleton Together removed the unsafe cladding from all Nine Blocks, but only the first three floors of each block and replaced it with what Salford City Council and Pendleton Together told residents was a safe boarding.
      3) Pendleton Together then told residents to remove all doormats from outside their doors (most doormats are or were fire resistant). If the mats were not removed, the cleaning teams were told to remove them and they were then binned without any further notice to the residents.
      4) Pendleton Together then told vehicle owners they could not park in the first two parking spaces that were closest to the building. Every block was supposedly told this, however, if you go round the blocks you will see this is not enforced on all blocks. It is on Thorn but not on Spruce where cars are parked within a couple of feet from the building wall and the same applies to some of the other blocks in the square.
      5) The residents of Thorn were also told to remove plastic flower pots from alongside the building. When asked why we were told they could catch fire. Also, chairs and tables were removed from the community garden for the same reason and that the fire service had told Pendleton Together to enforce this. However, when the fire service was asked about this by residents, the residents were told that they had not told Pendleton Together this and that Pendleton Together has taken it upon themselves to implement the rule.
      6) Salford City Council and Pendleton Together then decide to install fire alarms in the Tower Block but these are as much use a fire extinguisher that is empty! Why? Because the fire alarms were placed in the stairwell and not on landings, there is a fire door on each landing that acts like a sound buffer so most residents cannot hear the alarm in their flats when they are tested each week.
      7) Salford City Council and Pendleton Together in their ultimate wisdom have decided to install new fire alarms and sprinklers in every flat. That consultation was months ago but as they say, silence is golden and in Salford City Councils and Pendleton Together case the silence is deafening. We the residents have not been told if this is going to happen and if so when it will happen. And who at the end of the day is going to be picking up the cost of redecorating residents flats when every room is going to be affected?
      Pendleton Together is constantly telling us that the safety of their residents is a top priority. Well, it seems something has been lost in the pipeline with their own policy. On Friday the 6th July 2018, one of the hottest days so far, some bright spark from Pendleton Together decided to remove fire extinguishers from the nine blocks that still have the unsafe cladding on them. And no one from Pendleton Together had the decency to contact any member of the resident's committee of Thorn Court to inform them that the fire extinguishers were being removed from the community room and community room kitchen.
      When a member of the resident's committee contacted Pendleton Together, the housing officer informed him they had been removed in error and would be on the way back to the block, this was at 2:00 pm by 5.30pm the committee member checked to see if the items had been returned. They had not and everyone at Pendleton Together had left the office. So the out of hours service was contacted and after some time two of the three fire extinguishers were returned by the fire marshals. They said that no one from Pendleton Together had informed them that these were being removed. So far no one from Pendleton Together has responded to a voice message I left on Friday.
      A resident of Thorn Court
      Name and Address Supplied
      NB: The views above are those of the letter author and do not represent those of Salford Voice.
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