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    There was a marvellous turn out of some 100+ people today as local residents and concerned parties gathered at the Three Sisters site in Ellesmere Park to show their feelings at the proposed building by United Utilities of a storm tank, temporary car park, and storage facilities on the land.

    Local residents say that the plans will have a huge impact on the local wildlife and fauna.

    The site is an officially defined  Site Of Biological Interest (SBI)  with Greater Crested Newts, Bats, assorted wildlife etc making this their habitat, 17 trees are also earmarked to be chopped down for, "temporary parking" for workman's vehicles.

    In all some 2,000 square metres which is around 5% of the land will be affected.


    Local resident and chair of the Ellesmere Park Residents Association (EPRA)Clare Ward said:



    “We are not against the need to mitigate the sewer flooding, it is the location of both the storm tank and the construction of a temporary car park and storage area that concerns us particularly when there are other alternative locations.

    "To destroy mature trees for the sake of short term gain seems completely unreasonable.

    "The Three Sisters is an official defined Site of Biological Interest (SBI) in Eccles with a Roman road running through the site.”


    Residents are aware of the need for a storm tank which would help alleviate the cellar flooding's in many houses, they object to the siting of it in the proximity of the Three Sisters and have reminded United Utilities of the similar work they have carried out in the area by placing storm tanks underground.

    A local resident, whose cellar has been flooded in the past, has objected to the current planning application and has commented,



    “There are proven viable alternative solutions other than locating the storm tank on a Local Nature Reserve, solutions United Utilities have chosen to completely ignore.

    "Over the last 40 years residents of Salford have fought hard to protect and enhanced this unique area for the benefit of the wider community.

    "When there are alternative solutions, that United Utilities have used previously in this area to stop flooding, I am not prepared to see any part of our Local Nature Reserve destroyed.”


    As compensation, United Utilities plan to replace the mature trees with a few young trees, tiny saplings and a flat, grassy area.

    However, residents say that United Utilities proposed replacement will not deliver anything like the existing biodiversity and maturity of the nature reserve for over fifty years.


    Representatives have met with United Utilities to try and agree on an alternative placement for the tank but unfortunately discussions have not proven positive, with some residents claiming that UU is seeking the cheapest option with little if any regard for the bio-diverse area.


    Rebecca Long Bailey the M.P. for Eccles who lives locally turned out to show her support and spoke to salford.media about her concerns, along with Steve Donohue from the Ellesmere Park Residents Association who has lived in area all his life.

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