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GMP Eccles went for the late 90's rave look today as they cheekily asked if anybody had lost a huge cannabis farm in Eccles ?

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In what could be said to be the worst Altern-8 tribute act in, well... EVER, officers from GMP posed for a cheeky snap wearing protective masks and suits in front of approximately 12,000 cannabis plants after a raid was carried out at a property behind the Library in Eccles earlier today (04/12/18).

The property was due to be repossessed by bailiffs after the owners suspected that there was a cannabis farm inside of it. Upon entry officers discovered what has been described as a forest of plants spread over 5 rooms.


During the bust a number of 'Green Fingered Gardeners' were said to have been arrested and planted in the police cells for questioning.

Speaking bluntly officers on the GMP Eccles Facebook page asked if anyone had lost a huge cannabis farm whilst complaining of the lack of festive cheer at the premises as not a single one of the plants had a shred of tinsel nor a sparkly bauble in sight.

We are told they are much better at policing than they are behind the mixing decks, so at least they have their day jobs to stick too.

We are unsure if this was part of a joint task force but weed like to wish them a Merry Christmas and congratulate them on their Sensi Humour all the same.



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