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It is bad enough that we have to avoid dog poo on the streets without having kids covered in it whilst trying to play football.

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It seems utterly unbelievable but the owners of Irlam Juniors Football Club have had to put up signs warning dog owners that they are being recorded on CCTV.

The reason being, that uncaring dog walkers are letting their pets run free to (for the want of a better word) crap all over the same pitch that the youngsters play on. It is utterly disgusting and totally out of order and it seems some owners need to have their ruddy noses rubbed into it to teach them a lesson.

As you can imagine this is very much NOT acceptable at all when the pitch at Silver street in Irlam is used on a regular basis by a children's football club. Most people have the sense to pick up their pedigree pooch poops but it seems that there are some who think its acceptable to leave a massive steaming curly hound mound on the ground.


Dog owners are being asked to have a little consideration for others using the field and they are reminded that it is a football pitch and not a dog toilet. It is not too much to ask that if your dog does a titanic turd, you bag it and bin it.

It's not the dogs who are to blame here, they are just doing what comes naturally too them, it is up to the owner to clean up after them and failure to do so could land you with a fine.

The volunteers at the club have been working tirelessly to ensure that the pitch is poop free so the kids can enjoy the game, however they increasingly had to deal with it on a daily basis and its just not on.

Anyone found failing to clean up after their pooches will be prosecuted, you are being watched by CCTV.



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