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To target a charity like this at any time is bad, but to do so at this time of the year is utterly shameful.

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The Veterans Garage which operates out of grade 2 listed buildings at City Airport (Barton) was targeted by thieves who it would appear gained entry via a broken window in the early hours of this morning (Weds 19th Dec).


The much loved social hub created by ex service family members has become a welcome addition to the site at Barton and so the news of this break in has come as a shock to the local community. 

The interior of the building has been totally ransacked, takings have been stolen from the till which was donated by GS Systems and damaged itself by the thieves.


Additionally money has been stolen from the donations buckets and raffle tickets, one of which was being collected for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity. In short the place has been looted and the hard work of those involved destroyed by the lowest form of scumbag there is.


As a result the VG will now be closed until the damage is repaired and the devastation left behind is cleaned up.

Comments left on the VG Facebook page were scathing in response to the news.

One member said:


I cannot believe it! Who the hell would do such a thing, people utterly disgust me :'( I hope they get found asap, these people are what's wrong with the world!

Another replying:


How low is this stealing from a good charity that helps and benefits the needy in our society . absolute low life whoever did this

Offers of support have flooded in with GS Systems offering once more to help out with a replacement or repair of the till.

Others in the group have urged the VG to set up a JustGiving fund page whilst some have offered to help clean up the mess.

To steal from a local charity is bad enough, to steal from one that brings huge benefits to the community and has such a positive impact on the lives of those it serves is just damn right disgusting. You really can't get any lower.

If you have any information that could help identify these disgusting individuals then PLEASE come forward and speak to either the VG on 01614654706 or the police on 101.

If you can help the VG in anyway please call over to their Facebook page and get in touch with them, I am sure any help or assistance would be more than welcomed.





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