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    Despite claims in a U.S. Brigadier Generals claims in a letter that coalition troops will be withdrawn from Iraq within the next few weeks in the wake of Qassem Soleimani's death, The American defence secretary Mark Esper has seemingly dismissed the claim by turning it on its head within just hours of it being made.

    Esper told journalists that no such decision has been taken and there were no plans which would suggest a withdrawal was on the cards, going on to say that both he and his staff were trying to figure out the meaning of the wording used in a letter signed by the General which suggested a large scale troop movement outside of Iraq would take place.

    On Monday the Iraqi parliament voted on a non legally binding motion ordering the Americans to remove troops from the country in response to the attack carried out on Iran second in command and right hand of the Ayatollah.  

    Some within the country have said they have fears of a resurgence of ISIS as a force in the region should the United States and its Allies remove troops. 

    Meanwhile the Pentagon has said that it is not immediately able to confirm the letters authenticity although the Iraqi defence officials have insisted the letter was delivered by U.S. forces and was official.

    The Americans currently have 5,200 soldiers deployed in bases around Iraq in order to support local troops in the fight against ISIS forces, in contrast the U.K. has just 400 troops deployed in support roles.

    If troops are pulled out then it would end the Americans 17-year presence within the country, cripple the attempts to fight against ISIS and surely allow the extremists to make a comeback in the region which would have a huge impact.

    After the killing by a missile fired from a U.S. drone on Sunday, tensions across the region are high with threats of a counter attack on U.S. assets imminent. Top Iranian officials have placed a $80m bounty on the head of U.S. President Donald Trump and have been sending signals that they aim to hit him personally with attacks on his financial interests.

    The U.K. has sought to defuse the situation and lower tensions on both sides as an all out war in the region would have a devastating impact leading to the deaths of countless innocent people.

    So the question for now is Will they or Won't they?

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