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History With Flynn

Read on but be prepared for some fairly shocking antics and behaviour which I do assure you isn't a familiar trait in most Salford marriages, honestly.

Harris Frazer who resided at Pimlott Steet, Salford appeared at Salford Magistrates Court charged with unlawfully wounding. Myer Adler of Trafalgar Street, Broughton.

By all accounts, the marriage between Mr and Mrs Frazer had hardly been a bed of roses with the police often being called to their matrimonial home to stop Frazer from thrashing his poor wife.

Things got so bad that she fled the home with her two teenage children and took out a police summons to keep him away from her such was her fear of him.

On the evening of Thursday 3rd March, Mr Myer Adler a neighbour of Mrs Frazers heard shouts and screams coming from the back of his house and naturally went out to investigate what was happening.

He saw Frazer striking his own daughter about the head and body and threatening to kill her.

Naturally, he went to stop the assault and to use an old saying, "this is where it all went wrong".

Frazer who had been carrying a stick during the assault on his daughter smashed it over Adler's head and then he grabbed hold of him and sank his teeth into his nose and proceeded to attempt to bite it off!

To add to the melee, Frazer's own son came into the back and armed with a steel poker began to hit his own father over the head with it, in an attempt to unlock his jaws from Adler's nose!

He finally managed to get his father to release Adler from this horrific attack and the police were summoned.

Reading that reminded me of those dreadful stories of pit bull terriers attacking people attacking people and locking their jaws on them until their jaws are prised open, hopefully not with a steel poker though.

The police dutifully arrived and carted Frazer off to the police cells and not the kennels where I think he belonged.

Detective Inspector Clarke told the court of this unhappy marriage, and despite being cautioned by the police, Frazer continued to harass and threaten his wife and children.

Obviously not a man concerned with such trifles as police summonses he kept up his threats to kill and eventually tracked her down to her new home and decided to confront her, who knows possibly attempt to kill her?

In the dock, Frazer vehemently denied the allegations against him and attempted to show that he was the innocent party!

He told the Magistrate that he had decided to call round to his wife's house hoping for a reconciliation and was "talking" to his daughter when Adler suddenly appeared and struck him on the head with a large piece of coal in an unprovoked attack and then chose to defend himself.

A little to robustly I would have thought.

Frazer's son and daughter both gave evidence about their father shocking behaviour which, to be honest, is a rather sad state of affairs and then to wallop your own father over the head with a steel poker indicated the lack of affection that they held for him!

He was sentenced to two months imprisonment with hard labour, which in my humble opinion is an incredibly light sentence for the violent assault on Adler and his own daughter and as for attempting to bite somebody's nose off, surely several years imprisonment would have been apter?

Let's hope that Mrs Frazer and her two children went on to live a more peaceful life with her husband safely locked away in Strangeways Gaol, I hope so after all she had to endure with him.


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