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I have long been a believer that we can not be alone in this universe, there must be intelligent life out there somewhere in the Cosmos. I have even tried to contact aliens in the hope they know how to run a City but sadly so far they either don't exist or they are flying above us wondering what kind of stupid species would have a three weekly bin collection.

History With Flynn

But I digress... Apparently Salford has been known to have its odd reports of flying saucers and little green men and American UFO researchers MUFON have released an interactive map which shows just where they were seen and what they looked like to the observer. The website can be found on this link http://www.ufostalker.com/

Only last week people on SalfordOnlines facebook group spoke of hearing a loud bang and and seeing a green object streak across the sky. I suspect it to be a small meteor that entered the upper atmosphere above Salford and burning up.

It was far too high up to be a firework and the bang was widely heard by many, although rather oddly many didn't seem to hear it but still saw the same object. I probably would have discounted it if I had not witnessed it myself, unfortunately I had earphones in so never heard the bang myself.

My rational mind and younger years of Astronomy did not really consider it to be the start of an alien invasion even though I quickly ruled it out to be a plane or venus reflecting from marsh gas. No men in black turned up to tell me not to speak about it, I never saw any black helicopters and from what I can gather the military did not respond, although that said if anyone hears an unscrewing sound coming from the earth around Clifton Park then I am going to be first to pack my bags and run.

So in this article we aim to take a look at some of these strange reports and we shall leave it up to you to decide if they are real or not.


What can I say? Eccles is a hotbed of Alien activity as this previous event from 53 years ago told by Tony Flynn shows.

And still to this day odd things are being spotted in them their skies.

on the 25 May 2017 at 22:15 a disc shaped object was spotted over 500 feet in the air and around a mile away from one witness who claims that it flew overhead as high as a plane shaped like a solid figure 8, one half green and one half white, rotating slowly at a constant pace, the witness added that he/she was not a believer in UFO and had no idea what it was that was seen.

Another sighting also in Eccles on the 15th November 2016 at Midnight comes with a video showing the object observed. The witness states that he/she saw the oval shaped 'orb' fly from the South to North twisting and going from red to white. The object was first thought to be a plane but the observer thought that it was going far too fast and so decided to check if he had caught it on CCTV which he fortunately had.

Even more bizarrely, another submission describes an encounter with a landed cylindrical shaped UFO and its alien occupants which left one witness paralysed and with memory loss. The observer claims to have woken up around 3am on the morning of the first of July 2009, very thirsty and in need of a drink. He/She headed downstairs to the kitchen and made one (Does not state if it was Alcoholic or not) and drank half, saving the other half to take back up to bed.

Whilst going up the stairs the witness looked out of the landing window over the horizon and saw 'strange sparkler type lights' in the distance, as they faded a bright ball shaped orb descended from above the window, hovered on the ground emitting a dim light and then quickly ascended out of view. The witness who we now assume to be a young child states that he/she ran into their mothers bedroom and tried to wake her but had left the door open slightly and could see a strong light through the gap.

The witness claims to have tried to fight what was coming but was left paralysed at the foot of the parents bed and was unable to move or make a sound. As they lay conscious they saw what are described as two small creatures enter the room looking very much like the most typically described as 'Grays'. They apparently had rough textured skin and large dark eyes, thin faces and bodies and wearing strange turtle neck clothing.

The witness goes on to say that he/she did not then wake up until the following morning and noticed that the drink was missing. The mother was told about the incident and recalls him/her going down the stairs but does not recall them ever coming back up. 



Another witness was stood having a cigarette at his front door in the afternoon of the 1st of December 2014. The observer claims to have seen a dark diamond shaped craft moving very fast. It was hard to see at first but could be clearly seen as it passed bellow a cloud. The observer beckoned her sons girlfriend to come and take a look at the object but she only saw if for a few second before it sped off. the object is described as being very dark and emitting no sound. The shape was similar to that of a triangle but with the back 2 corners cut off so that it resembled a diamond.

Chapel Street

Another sighting close to Chapel Street back on the 26th of April 2007 at around 23:19 at night is a little spare on details other than it is said to have been a Cigar, Cylinder, Disc shaped object which followed a contrail across the sky. The person who added the report simply states 'Its There'.

A second report earlier in the same month of the same year reads that at around 7.00am on the 15th of April an object described as a 'bright star' was seen by a young girl named Aisha. The object seen is said to have been either Square or Rectangular.  the young girl states that her mother first saw the UFO and started calling to her 'Aisha, Aisha quickly look at this'. As the young girl looked she notice that the object was too big to be a star and was very bright. The young witness got out her digital camera and took lots of pictures and upon loading them to her laptop she was stunned to see how UFO like it was, she now claims to be a believer but sadly neglected to upload any of the images she took for verification.

I want to believe

No seriously I really do but no one has so far come forward with any credible evidence to prove that aliens exist, I often thought that my secondary school tech drawing teacher was from another planet but alas he was just a Scouser. I also sometimes consider if some of our elected officials are on the same planet as the rest of us but until I can find evidence of an invasion of the body snatchers then I shall still look up at the stars and wonder 'What was that big bang in Salford last night?'.

Have you seen a UFO?, have you ever been abducted by aliens. Let us know in the comments or on the FB posts.



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