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    I have been contacted by Harriet Heywood from Salford Now to see if I can help find the family or relatives of a Salford soldier who died in a POW Camp in Germany, April 1945.

    We do know that the soldier William Charles Gee was born in Salford on 27th June 1913 and lived at number Four Lister Street, Pendleton and had a wife, Lillian.

    Lister Street was situated off Brindleheath Road.

    This story came about because a Dutch resident, Onno van Meurs who lives in Vernay, close to the Venray War Cemetery in Limburg has adopted the grave of William  Gee because his birthday, 29th April is the date that Gee died.

    He has painstakingly researched the life and military record of him and has unearthed a wonderful record of the man, these are his findings.


    "He joined South Wales Borders 1st battalion and was captured by the Axis forces during the Battle of Tobruk in June 1942 and held prisoner at Lamsdorf ( Stalag VIIIB) and died as earlier mentioned on 29th of April 1945.

    He initially joined the Royal Welsh Fusiliers on 24 June 1940 and joined SWB 1st BN on October 10th 1940. After his capture, he was sent to POW camp at Coreglia (PG-52) and from there he was sent to POW camp 8B which was later called camp 344 at Lamsorf in ( now Poland)

    When that region was going to be liberated by Russian forces it is very likely that he joined a march westward to southern Bavaria , which was liberated by the US Army on 29th of April 1945( the day he died).

    My quest went on and is now on the point of finding, possible family members of his. I know that he had a son Charles, born in 1938 but possibly died in 2003, I know for sure that he had a daughter, Audry born 10th of May 1939, she was baptised 28 May 1939

    And now I am looking if she or her relatives are still alive, she could be married to Mr Harry Marshall as I found out that that's the only marriage of a woman called Audrey Gee in 1959

    Hopefully you can help me out with this or any additional info is more than welcome"

    I did my own research and found a photo of Charles and his grave in Venray War cemetery which I have included in the article also a photo of Lister Street, Pendleton.

    I am sure you will agree after all the work that Onno has done it would be marvellous if we could contact any of his relatives or anybody who knows any of the people mentioned, above.

    Could you please contact me on the Salford History site or via tony@salford.media and all details will be forwarded to Harriet at Salford Now

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