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We venture back to the time when the then local Salford MP Hazel Blears was embroiled in the parliamentary expenses scandal. There were protests, threats to citizens arrest her and a failed attempt to dethrone her at the next elections.

History With Flynn


article-1180938-04E26022000005DC-774_468x581.jpgDavid Henry of the Salford Youth Council attempts to make a citizen's arrest on Salford MP Hazel Blears at her recent de-selection meeting.

Hazel didn't even show her face at the meeting, which took place behind closed doors, entering and leaving by a side door, and leaving most of the media and local protesters waiting for hours in the cold and rain without telling them what was happening. 

After four hours, the head of the constituency Labour Party, John Cullen, emerged from Swinton Civic Centre to tell the assembled crowd that Ms Blears had not been deselected following her expenses scandal and would be returning to represent Salford at the next general election.

Protesters also headed down to 'Blears Land'

Comedian and activist Mark Thomas visited the house of Hazel Blears on a protest against the fact that Hazel appears to live in a Tax Free zone.


He invited us all to enter the free trade zone that is Hazel's house in Salford. 


This article first appeared on SalfordOnline on the 24th June 2009, it is reproduced here with the blessing of second runner up at the annual Tony Flynn look-a-like contest, Tony Flynn.

First Interview by Tony Thornborough 

Second Interview by Tamisin Maccarthy Morrogh 

Tony Flynn

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