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If you live in Salford, Eccles, Walkden or even Benidorm then you can not have failed to have seen the man dubbed "Britain's Most Tattooed Man".

History With Flynn

I am of course talking about Tommy Wells or Tattooed Tommy as he is better known. 

Tommy Wells, aged 71, is to say the least a colourful character, he has had every inch - and I mean every inch - of his body covered with tattoos. 


When he lived in Weaste for many years he was a bus driver, operating from the Weaste Bus Depot and will be remembered by many from that area. 

Tommy started off as a young man having a couple of swallows and 'True Love' tattooed on his hands, perfectly normal you would think. 

He then decided to have a tattoo of Christ on his back, from then on the tattoos just kept on coming. 

To see his body in all its glory is quite an amazing sight: the back of his head is tattooed with the name of his late wife Sandra among other decorations. 

The rest of his body is a technicolour mass of tattoos, his arms, legs, chest, ears and even the soles of his feet are inked in! 

Sadly, Sandra, Tommy's wife died recently and it was then he decided to have the only part of his body that wasn't tattooed inked in. 

Incredibly he chose to have his face covered, complete with teeth tattooed on his lips and the word 'Feed' inked on the inside of his lips! 

Tommy has become something of a celebrity appearing in national newspapers, magazines and recently on the German Television Channel RTL where he was described as Britain's most tattooed man. 

The film crew shot footage of Tommy at his current home in Walkden, having a pint in The Stocks pub and posing in just his boxer shorts in his avenue, to show of the incredible amount of tattoos that he has. 

He is also a regular figure in Benidorm where bar owners give Tommy free drinks, in the knowledge that he will attract curious customers to the bar. 

He can also be seen on the karaoke nights belting out Billy Fury songs and love ballads! 

Personally I think Tommy is one of Salford's characters, he is good company to be with and quite frankly doesn't give a hoot what other people about his appearance. 

When all is said and done, it's Tommy's body, so let him get on with it. 

Tommy, in your own way you have certainly brightened up Salford life and we thank you for that. 

Interview and article by Tony Flynn 

Video by Tom Rodgers

Photographs by Albert from itookyourpic.com

This article first appeared on SalfordOnline on 2nd January 2012, is is lovingly reproduced here with the permission of Salford's number one elastic band collector, Tony Flynn.

Tony Flynn

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