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History With Flynn

Laydeez and Jellymen, uncross your fingers, open your eyes... yes it is the long awaited, - well 24 hours -  part Two of the Eccles Photographs.

If you thought yesterdays were good, have a look at these beauty's, can you recognise the shops and the views from Clarendon Road, also the M602 cleaving it's way through Eccles, good word that, cleaving. Did you have a cake from F. Ashworth's? Are you F. Ashworth, if so or you were one of the '& Sons' then get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

Karl has once again done a magnificent job in restoring these images and I doff my massive over-sized cap.

I just wish we knew the identity of the mystery benefactor, and more to the point does he have any more!

So sit back, relax and have a proverbial stroll down Memory Lane or Church Street if you want to be be pedantic.

But remember to call back later for Part Three, yes there are even more. Some of the photos were heavily damaged and are taking a little extra time to repair and so rather than just throw them up 'as is' we thought it better to take the time to restore them to their former glory properly.













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