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    Tony Flynn

    History With Flynn

    A visit to Barton upon Irwell, Eccles today and a tour around the area and it's myriad delights. We took a close look at Barton Swing Aqueduct, the first and only swing aqueduct in the world which opened in 1761 and replaced in 1894, still working and a pleasure to watch in action/ Stonemason's marks in Pocket Park and the mystery of the 1824 stone engraved tablet, W.R.B. all explained.


    We look at the disgraceful condition of the 1894 Barton Road Swing Bridge, peeling paint, exposed metalwork and even the original wooden setts are showing through the potholes on the bridge, This is a fascinating area with two Grade One Listed Structures, and two Grade Two Listed Structures, hidden graveyards, terraced houses dating from 1820's, wildlife including Canadian Geese even the chip shop Laurel Hardy visited in 1947! what more could you ask for?

    I could ask Peel Holdings to please, please repair the damage to the Barton Road Swing Bridge, as it is an eyesore, before it is too late.

    I could ask Salford Council to consider using the area when tidied up to be a heritage/ tourist attraction, it would be off huge interest to canal boat enthusiasts, lovers of architectural engineering, historians, wildlife and would bring money into the area.

    So, hope you enjoy the video and find something of interest in it.


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    i spent many a hour watching the water over water bridge open in the school holidays i live on the wimpy estate a short bike ride away 

    i also got to photograph the dropping of the chimneys for the old power station close bye 


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