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History With Flynn
William Fisher and his wife, Isabelle were casually sauntering along Bury Street, Salford after enjoying a convivial evening at the theatre followed by a couple of refreshing glasses of ale when they were rather rudely stopped by P.C. Norwood and arrested following a brief but violent struggle, if they are to be believed that is.
However P.C. Norwood told the Salford Magistrates Court in April 1919 a completely different story, you decide.
P.C. Norwood told the Magistrate that he was on duty in Bury Street when he came across the Fisher family, stating that William was very drunk and using, "very obscene language" and advised him to go quietly on his way home.
William was having none of this and according to to our boy in blue he became violent and kicked him several times about the shins and body.
An effort was made to put the handcuffs on him when Irene sprang into action, hitting and kicking P.C. Norwood which enabled William to show a clean pair of heels.
Irene was then handcuffed and taken to the nearby Chapel Street police station for her troubles.
Ever the gentleman, William who for some reason had summoned his Mother-in- Law caught up with the couple and began to abuse P.C. Norwood, he too was dragged kicking and screaming to the police station, presumably  the Mother - in- Law stayed quiet which could be a first.
William went into the witness box prepared to defend his and his wife's honour and asked P.C. Norwood several questions which were hardly up the standard of Clarence Darrow.
"Did you not stop me and my wife when we were walking home quietly after having been to the theatre?"
P. C. Norwood replied in time honoured fashion.
"I spoke to you about your behaviour and requested you to go away but you declined"
William carried on, 
"When I ran away did I not return with my Mother-in Law to see what you were locking up her daughter for?"
P.c. Norwood agreed that this was the case and she did indeed turn up at the police station..
Now it was the time for the police to unleash the big guns as P.C. Gleeson took the stand and told the Magistrate that he had seen William Fisher at 10.30pm at Chapel Street police station where he refused to give an account of himself and told him to, "mind your own *******business"
The Magistrate said he considered the case proved but as the couple had not been in trouble with the police before they would be dealt with leniently and fined them five shillings each or five days in prison.
Hopefully the Fisher family were able to pay the fine and then enjoy their evenings of culture and refinement with out ending up in the local nick.
One question that did puzzle me is, did the Fisher family leave Salford and move to Stradhoughton in Yorkshire?
Answers on a postcard to the usual address.

Tony Flynn



TELEPHONE: 0161 820 1411



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