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    Tony Flynn

    History With Flynn

    There was a clash of opinions at Salford Magistrates Court in December 1921, when Agnes Harrison aged 29 who resided at Cliff Street, Manchester, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in Bridson Street, Weaste, at 8pm.

    P.C, Greatorex told the unnamed Magistrate that he was on duty in the Eccles New Road area, when he was called to Bridson Street, after hearing that a woman was making a "great noise and using objectionable language".

    He asked her to moderate her language and move along, she carried on with her behaviour and P.C. Greatorex had to take her into custody.

    On the way to the police station, she was initially very quiet, however she suddenly threw herself onto the floor, saying that she had sprained her ankle and demanded to be taken to Salford Royal Hospital for treatment.

    She was examined by a Doctor who told her that there was nothing wrong with her, apart from her language and temper.

    Agnes then limped heavily into the dock and asked the P..C..."then how did I come to sprain my b-------ankle!"

    She then told the Magistrate a rather sad story, that she had been released from Strangeways prison, the day prior to her arrest. where she had served 28 days for indecent behaviour, and had been looking for her husband, in an attempt to make him pay her a larger allowance, than the few shillings a week that he gave her.

    The Court was told that Agnes had more than 20 previous convictions and was known to the police.

    The Magistrate told her, that the prison sentence, she had just served, did not appear to have had any influence on her, however he didn't propose to impose on her as long a prison term this time, and that a shorter sentence of 14 days imprisonment would be an inducement to change her ways, but if she were to appear before him again, he wouldn't be so lenient.

    Undaunted, Agnes asked him if he could take some action to get her maintenance money increased, and was told that wasn't the time to go into that matter.

    God loves a trier, and Agnes certainly was, I do hope she managed to keep out of further trouble and Strangeways prison, certainly a colourful character as they say


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