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There are now currently 9 cases of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) reportedly confirmed in Salford at present according to figures released by Public Health England, however, the actual number of cases circulating will no doubt be higher as at the moment only those requiring hospitalisation are being tested for the virus.

We can not underline the importance of maintaining cleanliness to help stop the spread to others.

Please wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water at regular intervals and avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth which offer easy entry into the body for the infection.

If you need to cough, do it into a hanky or in an emergency into your elbow, dispose of all hankies by double bagging them and placing them in your black bin.

If out and about try to avoid touching the least amount of surfaces you can to avoid picking up or spreading infection.

Instead of using your hand to push open a door, try to use your elbow where possible. 

Avoid holding on to handrails if you can and if you have access to it, use hand sanitiser with over a 60% alcohol content.

If you do not have access to sanitiser then wash your hands at the first opportunity and avoid touching your face until you do so.

Schools will close this afternoon for an undetermined period until the crisis is brought under control, they will however remain open for children of one or more key workers (outlined below) on Monday morning.

Health and social care

Frontline health and social care staff such as doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, as well as support and specialist staff in the health and social care sector. In addition it includes those working in supply chains including producers and distributors of medicines and personal protective equipment.

Education and childcare

Nursery, teaching staff and social workers.

Key public services

Those required to run the justice system, religious staff, as well as those responsible for managing the deceased, and journalists providing public service broadcasting.

Local and national government

Administrative occupations essential to the effective delivery of the Covid-19 response or delivering essential public services, including payment of benefits.

Food and other necessary goods

Those involved in the production, processing, distribution, sale and delivery of food.

Public safety and national security

Police, support staff, Ministry of Defence civilian staff and armed forces personnel, fire and rescue staff, and those responsible for border security, prisons and probation.


Those who will keep air, water, road and rail passenger and freight transport modes operating during the Covid-19 response.

Utilities, communication and financial services

Staff required to keep oil, gas, electricity, water and sewerage operations running. Staff in the civil nuclear, chemical and telecommunications sectors. Those in postal services and those working to provide essential financial services.

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