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    The great irony of living through a pandemic is that the very same lockdowns which are designed to keep us safe from the virus have also had huge impacts on the health and wellbeing of those who live in the city.

    Whilst a daily walk to the park or along a canal bank is appreciated and welcomed distraction by many who are weary of being holed up in their homes, there is nothing like being able to get into one of the many local leisure centres to take advantage of the available equipment in order to maintain those important fitness levels.

    Many in Salford were upset at the prospect of being unable to carry on their daily fitness routines as Leisure Centres were forced to close.

    Maintaining good levels of fitness is essential not only for the body but also for the mind and sadly for some the biggest impact from this pandemic will be the health issues as a result of months on end locked in at home.

    So it is with much joy that Salford's fitness fanatics can rejoice at the news that Salford Community Leisure is working on plans to reopen it's outdoor pitches by the 29th of March with a view to reopening its Centres by the 12th of April.

    Relaxation of lockdown rules in the coming months means that it will soon be possible to make a return to the gyms, pools & pitches.

    Salford Community Leisure went to extraordinary lengths to ensure the safety of the public and it is without doubt that those same high standards will met once more as they reopen.

    Physical health has played a huge role in how people have reacted to the viral infection, it has not only targeted those with who are elderly or suffering from underlying health issues but in many cases, being over weight and being unfit has had a dramatic impact on the outcome and the recovery process.

    In the coming months our local leisure centres will play an important part in the future health of the city as we gradually start to move back to some kind of much needed normality.

    The SCL team have pledged to keep people updated on what is happening and say they are looking forward to welcoming people back.


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