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    Salford has seen a sharp rise in coronavirus infections with its rate as of today standing at 265.4 cases per 100,000 according to latest Public Health England data (a rise of 102%). This now means that Salford has the second highest rate in the region behind Bolton which has seen a 17% drop thanks to increased vaccinations.

    As of Thursday 10th June, Salford Royal Hospital currently has 28 patients taking up beds due to Covid-19, two of which are being assisted by ventilation. 

    137,091 residents have been given their first dose of a vaccine, with 93,822 having been administered with the second. There has been a total of 230,913 vaccinations given thus far.

    The last recorded Covid related death at Salford Royal Hospital was recorded on the 25th of May.

    There were 131 positive tests recorded today, 687 in the past week, which is a doubling on the previous week.

    It should be noted that there is usually a delay of up to two weeks before rises in hospitalisations start to increase, as of yet though, hospitalisations remain low.

    Meanwhile there is talk of up to four-week delay of the June 21st deadline for relaxation of lockdown rules due to the increase in infections as a result of the spread of the Delta (Indian) variant of the virus. The delay would allow for more people to receive their second dose of the vaccine to afford them better protection.

    Despite increasing infections, hospitalisations and deaths have only increased fractionally, with NHS bosses claiming that their is clear evidence that vaccines have broken the link between rising cases and hospitalisations. Those currently being admitted are generally in younger age groups, or in those who are unvaccinated.

    Earlier today the vaccine bus took station outside of Morrisons in Eccles, allowing all those eligible (25+) to get their first (Pfizer) jabs, no appointment needed.

    It is vitally important to have your second vaccine when called up for it, this gives maximum protection.

    Photo: Salford CCG  - Vaccine Bus at Morrisons in Eccles

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