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Tony Flynn
In this final episode documenting the fine history of the Salford Magistrates Court in Bexley Square, Tony picked out the final few hidden gems of this iconic Salford building. 


The building will cease to be the centre for local justice in our city on 21st December 2011, so it has been our privilege to be allowed exclusive access into the partly-crumbling building to discover its many treasures. 

One of the most bizarre elements we've ever seen is a war memorial in the building's main entrance that is factually incorrect. 

What the eagle-eyed must think when they find that the memorial is dedicated to men who apparently died in the future is not recorded.... 

We must thank Mary Appleton, who has been our tour guide on this fascinating journey through Salford history, and it's a story that'll likely never be heard again when the building closes in just a couple of weeks' time.

You can find the other videos in this series on the links bellow.

This article first appeared on SalfordOnline in November 2011 and is reproduced here with the full blessings of renowned recorder of historical stuff, Tony Flynn.

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