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    The 2020 Technology Innovator Awards returns for its fifth year, allowing Corporate Vision magazine to reward firms working in this demanding sector for their innovation and excellence in business practice, as well as their outstanding overall performance.

    Technology has become one of the most important aspects in our daily lives and is all around us; from instant communication and entertainment, to improvements in services and security, every aspect of the modern business market has been influenced by technology in one way or another.

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is widely considered to be the next giant technological leap towards global interconnectivity and integration.  The Internet of things (IoT) describes connecting everyday physical objects— “things” to the internet through embedded devices equipped with sensors, software, and other technologies. This enables “things” like plant, machinery, building systems to be controlled remotely, provide live performance data and advise their operators of impending electrical or mechanical failures before they occur.

    Corporate Vison’s Awards Manager, Laura Hunter comments upon SanCloud’s achievement within the IoT arena:


    “SanCloud has become an industry powerhouse in pushing forward advances in the Internet of Things. SanCloud offers a range of innovative products and solutions that are in use today in many different kinds of domestic, industrial, and commercial applications. The firm’s relatively unique capabilities are enabling its loyal and impressive customer base to stay ahead and benefit from the very best solutions. A well-deserved winner with a lot of exciting IoT developments in the pipeline".

    Over the last few years, SanCloud has grown to become a highly influential British brand  recognised by IoT specialists within major companies across the global automotive, electronics, power, and IT security sectors. With a customer portfolio that spans forty countries across six continents and includes Boeing, Fujitsu, Peugeot, Stanford University, and Toyota to name but a few, along with its evolving product range, SanCloud is perfectly poised with its world-class hardware and software engineers to help companies solve diverse and complex IoT problems.

    As the IoT has become a core part of technological innovation in the last several years, SanCloud’s mission has evolved to focus on developing its offering of BeagleBone Enhanced (BBE) range of Single Board Computers (SBCs). These SBCs provide the perfect smart IoT device empowering customers with an unparalleled blend of processing power, speed, and connectivity to all manner of ‘Things’, as evidenced in the diverse range of applications they support.

    Marc Murphy, SanCloud’s Director of Software Engineering comments on SanCloud's latest innovations:



    "Equipped with the latest ARM dual core and quad core processors, our next generation of BBE’s will increase processing power and speed to support more demanding IoT applications. The BBEs also come with onboard sensors, multiple inputs and outputs including multiple USB ports to enable physical connectivity with all types of ‘Things’. These ‘Things’ can be controlled and monitored via both Ethernet and wireless connections.

    "Alongside our SBCs performing the function of Smart IoT devices is the option of an IoT turnkey device-to-dashboard solution. This incorporates a cloud-based web platform that is highly customisable with the reliability and versatility required to effectively solve all types of IoT challenges.

    "Critical to keeping ahead in a market that is moving at a remarkable pace, we design our IoT devices to support Open Source development. This approach truly empowers our customer’s engineering teams to take control of their own deployments. We also offer hardware and software engineering support, enabling customers to embrace new technology and the outstanding potential that the future of IoT can bring. SanCloud’s customers regularly report back how their concepts become reality, going to market with relative ease and speed."


    Carl James, SanCloud Director of Sales & Marketing comments


    "Above all, we are passionate about what we do and the efforts of our highly skilled multi-disciplinary teams are a shining example of how a technology business operating in the rapidly growing IoT sector, can prosper amidst these challenging times. The testament of this is the nature and diversity of the companies we engage and retain, as well as the wealth of positive feedback we continue to receive. SanCloud is now experiencing a steep, yet sustainable growth trajectory as we onboard more customers and launch more exciting product innovations in the near future."

    Get in touch

    To find out more about SanCloud, please visit www.sancloud.co.uk email: info@sancloud.co.uk or call +44 (0)161 790 3488.


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