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Why are you not supporting your local team?.. they ask.

Salford's FAMOUS Red Devils have today launched a fan survey to determine the reasons for dwindling support from local Salford folks.

Click Here For The Survey

Speculation has been mounting on social media over the past few weeks after it was rumoured that the club may opt to reach out to a larger fan base by dropping the Salford link from its name.

The wonderful chaps at Salford Star also highlighted it in this Article which describes how fans unfurled a banner at the match to send a message to Marwan.

As would be expected this caused outrage from loyal Salford fans who have stuck with the club through the good times and the bad times.

The very thought of our beloved and much cherished local club dropping the name of the City it was founded in was just simply outrageous. 

The club is currently known as Salford Red Devils, before 1995, the club was known simply as Salford, from 1995-98 Salford Reds and from 1999-2013 Salford City Reds. The key word here being SALFORD.

So far any such change remains just a rumour, as nothing has been posted to suggest that a name change is on the cards.

However some of the questions being asked about heritage give cause for concern as can be seen bellow.


More than one of these questions would suggest they are testing the water at the least so as to gain an insight as to what the fans reaction would be.


The very thought of the club (which has carried the Salford name since 1873) dropping Salford from its name to try and attract fans from other areas within Greater Manchester is just too much of an insult to its loyal fans to take seriously.

It would be utter stupidity to even consider as the backlash would be immense, the one thing that Salford folks hate more than anything is to see the City's name fading into obscurity. 

Personally speaking I for one seriously hope these ARE just rumours and nothing more.

The club does need more support, it has suffered over the years from problems with transport links into Barton, which were further setback when the planned second access point via trafford took a turn for the worst after the new lifting bridge at Barton collapsed last year.

Motorway roadworks in the area have further impacted on travel which has caused issues for some, but over the past year or so much has been done to try and alleviate the problem.

For others the move from the Willows to its present site in Irlam, along with the re-branding of what was Salford City Stadium to the A.J. Bell Stadium did not help matters either as many think it lost a lot of its identity.

Of course there are also those who really don't like current boss Dr Marwan Koucash who is a little like Marmite for some fans, you either love him or you hate him. 

If we are being honest the whole shenanigans involving £164,000, Ian Stewart, Martin Vickers and match day expenses also left a bad taste in the mouths of some, myself included.

Alas our local Rugby club is as much a part of our City identity and heritage as our industrial past, our broad no nonsense northern twang and Tony Flynn's annual magical history pub crawl/tour around Eccles (Coming Soon).

It still to this day remains a huge part of our City, something most of us are proud of and want to see continue and flourish in the Super League.

It has a loyal and loving core following of fans and although not the biggest club in the UK it most certainly has the most passionate of fans who follow the club hail, rain and sunshine and through thick and thin.

So please fill in the survey bellow, let them know what the club means to Salford, tell them its OURS and that Manchester can keep their grubby mitts off it.

So get down there and take your kids to a game, its great fun and the atmosphere is fantastic. 

Lets make #makesalfordgreatagain

The survey takes a few minutes out of your time to fill in and gives them feedback on what you would like to see improved, altered and even ditched. So please please fill it in.

Plus it would also save me having to alter the branding box above, so save me the bother and do me a solid here as I am getting on a bit.



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