Salford's famous Red Devils have launched their new crest after they conducted consultation with the fans earlier in the summer. The club made the following announcement on their website and social media... Earlier in the month Dr Marwan Koucash the clubs present owner announced that he was stepping aside and taking a back seat at the club, with plans being drawn up to replace the flamboyant millionaire with a trustee board at the Red Devils. For a short time it was feared that the club was set to drop the Salford name altogether in a move to gain in more support from surrounding areas in Greater Manchester. But that was not to be after fans made sure their voices were heard by the club owner and staff. It would seem that they have listened and learned from feedback and the new badge encapsulates both the club and the City almost perfectly. The only addition I would have made would have been to put two little devil horns coming out of the sides of it, but that is just me being picky. The sweetest touch was the willow tree smack bang in the heart of it, an ode to not only the birth of the City but the memory of the clubs spiritual home in Weaste. It symbolises not only the beating heart of the club but the beating heart of our Salford, a symbol worn with pride close to the heart of its wearer.  We are also especially happy to see the worker bee being on the badge as lets face it, the symbol is as much a part of Salford as it is Manchester and it is synonymous with our busy industrial past, and now has a meaning that has a much deeper relevance in light of the tragedy of recent months. It now symbolises the hive of support given by the people, for the people. In my opinion the new crest pretty much nails it, almost perfection I would say; and what's more it goes to show that the club is listening and understands the pride 'We' Salfordian's have in our great City, so let us remember that our local Rugby Club is part of that pride. And so we wish them well in the coming season and we urge fans new and old to put this badge on their chests and wear it with pride, support our local team and get down to the AJ Bell, put bums on seats, shout our Cities name loud and clear and together lets #makesalfordgreatagain So those are our opinions, let us know yours in the comments.