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Salford voters are 'turned off' at the prospect of a Greater Manchester Mayor as just over a quarter of the City headed to the polling booths.

With counting still underway for the Greater Manchester Mayoral Election, voter turn out figures by area have been released and unsurprisingly the lowest amount of votes cast were in Salford with just 25.11% turn out at the polling booths.

Tory held Trafford had the highest percentage over all with 38.35% casting their votes, whilst across the whole of the region a very disappointing 28.93% turned out to vote. 

The vote counting is underway for each candidate with the results expected to be announced on the GM Elects website and social media sources later this afternoon. https://www.gmelects.org.uk/.

It is thought that the favourite to take the job is Andy Burnham, however it is anyone's guess how much of a majority he will hold.

A break down of figures by area is bellow.

Trafford: 38.35%
Stockport: 32.19%
Bury: 32.16%
Bolton: 29.34%
Manchester: 28.4%
Wigan: 27.29%
Tameside: 26%
Oldham: 25.78%
Rochdale: 25.24%
Salford:  25.11%

Meanwhile Labour has taken significant losses up and down the country in local council elections, with the Tories taking gains from UKIP and the Lib Dems putting in what has been described as a patchy performance.

Conservatives have so far taken 9 councils in their best performance in over a decade as UKIP is more or less wiped out. Labour has also taken heavy losses in Wales.

Results so far show that the Tories have already gained around 130 council seats and seized control of Warwickshire, Lincolnshire, Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire and the Isle of Wight. 

With the general elections around the corner the early indications are that Theresa May will take a comfortable majority based upon these results.

As Greater Manchester awaits the results it is interesting to note that the area (Salford) with the lowest turn out is also the area already with first hand experience of an elected Mayor.

We will keep you updated with the result.


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