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In town to show support for Rebecca Long Bailey and possible grab a new telly from Bright House.

If you are out and about on Salford Precinct this afternoon around 2:00pm - 2:30pm then don't be surprised if you run into Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn who will be in the region on his campaign trail, popping over to Salford show support for local MP Rebecca Long-Bailey in the General Election.

It is expected that Jeremy will say


Labour can ‘transform Britain’ from a country ‘run for the rich’ to one ‘where everyone can lead richer lives’.


It's not yet clear if Mr Corbyn will be popping into a charity shop to check out their fashionable summer cardigan range or even if he will grab a veggie pasty from our quality Gregg's, but lets hope like the NHS he can avoid May's Pawn Shop eh? (I'll get my own bleedin coat).

So if you're a fan, a labour party member or just want to impress the kids with a photo by telling them you met Obiwan Kenobi then head on down there and listen to what he has to say about the state of the economy, the decimation of the NHS and the Labour parties plans for how to get the best deal for the people from Brexit.


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