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With the General Election little over a month away, we present to you all of the candidates standing in Salford. Kind of...

With just over a month to go before the country elects its Government we take a look at those seeking to become one of our three MP's for Salford. Surprisingly many of those candidates had little if any information available about them. We will update this page as and when information becomes available.

First of all we take a look at the Worsley and Eccles South constituency.


2015 Result:

Barbara Keeley - 18,600 - Labour

Iain Lindley - 12,654 - Conservative

Owen Hammond - 7,688 - UKIP

Chris Bertenshaw - 1,242 - Green Party

Kate Clarkson - 1,100 - Liberal Democrat

Steve North - 380 - TUSC

Mags McNally - 200 - Reality Party

Geoffrey Berg - 184 - Independent

Labour Majority - 5,946


Candidates for 2017 elections.

kateclarkson.gifKate Clarkson | Liberal Democrats candidate

Kate who resides in Sale also ran in the 2015 election for the same area in which she came in fifth place. Kate describes herself as a humanist.

Kate's profile in humanist.org can be views on this link

tomdylan.gifTom Dylan | Green Party candidate

Former Lord Mayor and Green Councillor for Norwich City Centre, Tom Dylan, is originally from Manchester and stood in the May 2015 local elections as a candidate in Salford. 

The Green Party website can be viewed on this link

babskeeley.gifBarbara Keeley | Labour Party candidate

Barbara who currently resides in Sale and was elected as the MP for Worsley in May 2005. She was elected as the MP for Worsley and Eccles South in May 2010 and re-elected in May 2015. 

Barbra's personal website can be viewed on this link

iainlindley.gifIain Lindley | Conservative Party candidate

Iain grew up and still resides in Walkden,  He was elected as Councillor for Walkden South in June 2004, and was re-elected in 2007, 2011 and 2015.

Iain's personal website can be viewed on this link



Secondly we take a look at the Salford & Eccles constituency. 


2015 Result:

Rebecca Long-Bailey - 21,364 - Labour

Greg Downes - 8,823 - Conservative

Paul Doyle - 7,806 - UKIP

Emma Van Dyke - 2,251 - Green Party

Charlie Briggs - 1,614 - Liberal Democrat

Mark “Bez” Berry - 703 - Reality Party

Noreen Bailey - 517 - TUSC

Sam Clark - 183 - Pirate

Labour Majority 12,541


Candidates for 2017 elections.

chrisbarnes.gifChristopher Barnes | UKIP candidate

Currently living in Ordsall

The north West UKIP website can be found on this link

rebeccalongbailey.gifRebecca Long-Bailey | Labour Party candidate

Rebecca was born in Trafford and was elected as Member of Parliament (MP) for Salford and Eccles in the 2015 general election.

Rebecca's personal website can be found on this link

wendyolsen.gifWendy Olsen | Green Party candidate

Wendy Olsen has lived in Salford since 1988, moving into a Tower Block first, and now living at Claremont.

A link to Wendy's biography can be found on this link (requires adobe acrobat)

nophoto.gifJohn Reid | Liberal Democrats candidate

Currently living in Stockport

The Salford Lib Dem Facebook page can be found on this link

john sugarman.gifJason Sugarman | Conservative Party candidate

Born 1969. Educated at Brighton College and Durham University. Barrister specialising in criminal law. Lewes District councillor from 1995-2003. Contested Dudley South in 2001.

Currently living in Richmond Park, John does not have a personal website we can find.


Finally we take a look at the Blackely & Broughton constituency.


2015 Result:

Graham Stringer - 22,982 - Labour

Martin Power - 6,108 - UKIP

Michelle Tanfield-Johnson - 5,581 - Conservative

David Jones - 1,567 - Green Party

Richard Gadsden - 874 - Liberal Democrat

Labour Majority - 16,874


Candidates for 2017 elections.

nophoto.gifAbi Ajoku | Christian People's Alliance

The CPA is a Christian Democratic party whose members come from all backgrounds and church traditions. We contacted them for information about their candidate but they did not respond.

Their website can be found on this link

nophoto.gifRichard Gadsden | Liberal Democrats

Currently living in Hulme, Richard stood in 2010 in Worsley and Eccles South constituency and Broughton and Blackley in 2015 for the Liberal Democrats. He came in 5th.

Richards facebook page can be found on this link

davidgoss.gifDavid Goss | Conservative Party

Currently living in Buckingham, David graduated from Loughborough University with a politics degree in 2007, and was previously named as the party's candidate for the Loughborough North West seat.

David's Twitter account can be found on this link

david jones.gifDavid Jones | Green Party

David Jones is the Green Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency of Blackley and Broughton

A link to David's party page can be found on this link

martin power.gifMartin Power | UKIP

Martin ran for the same constituency in 2015 and managed to place second behind Graham Stringer.

The north West UKIP website can be found on this link

grahamstringer.gifGraham Stringer | Labour Party

Stringer was first elected in 1997 taking over the Blackley seat of the retired Kenneth Eastham. He is only the third Member of Parliament (MP) in the constituency since 1964, which has been a "safe" Labour seat since Paul Rose defeated Eric Johnson that year.

A link to Grahams Wikipedia page can be found on this link



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